How did it get to be June already? … the time is running away with all of us at the moment and with everything changing so fast that’s not too surprising.  So, some children are back at school, the weather is good for the time of year (we hope it stays that way, fingers crossed!), and the garden is starting to bear some of the fruits of our hard labour earlier in the year. There is nothing quite like the taste of a fresh veg  from your own garden. The first broad beans and spuds are ready to harvest, and they taste amazing straight from your garden to the plate! You just can’t beat growing your own…

The weather has been really warm over the past weeks and, despite the smatterings of rain that we’ve had, it’s taken a toll on the garden. However, most plants will recover and even if your grass is looking pretty brown and dead, it will come back eventually. On the bright side, the grass hasn’t been growing so much so less is mowing needed!

At the Garden Shop, the backlog on supplies caused by the COVID-19 situation that is  hitting everyone nationally, is still causing us a few supply challenges. There are some big-name brands that are in short supply all over the UK including brands such as Tomorite. We’ve got some stock in at the moment but once they’ve gone they’ve gone. We have however been lucky enough to get in supplies of less well-known brands that perform equally well. You just may not have heard of them. Please ask us if you are unsure. We’re are always happy to help, but please just be aware that if we don’t have something in stock there is a good reason for it, and we’ll be getting supplies in as soon as possible.

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This month roses come into their own, their fragrant scents are a real pleasure! Remember to dead head them as soon as flowers finish blooming to encourage a constant supply of fresh blooms.


  • Keep plants well-watered at this time of year, especially any patio container plants and feed with a liquid fertiliser every week.
  • Dead-head bedding plants and perennial plants to stop them self-seeding and to encourage further flowering.
  • Prune Spring Flowering perennials to encourage fresh new foliage, and possibly the bonus of a flower or two.
  • Continue to feed tomato plants with a tomato fertiliser and remove leaves lower down on the plant to help with air circulation and prevent disease.
  • Keep on top of weeds as they compete with your crops for nutrients and water.
  • Stake summer perennials as they start to grow, this helps both support the plant and makes them look great!
  • Make fortnightly sowings of salad crops to ensure a continuous supply.
  • Introduce new climbers into the garden.
  • If you have a compost bin, remember not to add any grass clippings that have been treated with weed killer or chemicals, or plants that have suffered from disease. This can get passed into the compost that is made and cause problems later down the line.


  • Pinch out the tips of your runner bean plants once they reach the top of their support. Most won’t be at this stage yet but bear in mind for later this summer – it encourages side-shooting and more beans at a manageable height for picking.
  • Sow herbaceous perennials for next year
  • Take softwood cuttings of shrubs


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