July has had a mixed start with occasional bright sunny days, showing a glimpse of summer, in between heavy downpours, our gardens have welcomed the rain nonetheless as they are still fairly dry underneath the topsoil. This month the perfumes of scented plants really come into their own and if you take a stroll through our lovely Devon lanes you will find many fragrant plants. In our gardens lavender, lilies, sweet-smelling stocks and nicotianas are all in bloom and their scents are delightful.

At the Garden Shop, we’ve been really delighted to be able to open up the café again. We are currently doing takeaway beverages and limited hot food – look out for our new menus on the café page. As with everything else we do, your SAFETY, and the safety of our staff ,is our utmost concern. So when you are ordering please stay within the Social Distancing guidelines that we have put in place. Do also let us know if you have any allergies or diet restrictions.

We also have installed plenty of hand sanitisers in the store for your use and do remember to ENTER the shop via the side entrance and EXIT from the front of the store and keep to the arrowed directions.  Please ask us if you are unsure of anything as we are always happy to help. You can also check our Facebook and Instagram pages for regular updates.


  • Feed and water all plants in containers regularly
  • Tall growing perennial herbaceous plants may need some support if it isn’t already in place.
  • Prune shrubs that flowered in early summer
  • Most gardeners give their borders a feed and top dress in the Spring, but a further dressing now is very beneficial, particularly if applied after cutting down any early flowering subjects
  • Summer-prune wisteria
  • Deadhead flowers as they fade
  • After rose flowers have shed their petals it is important to deadhead.  This helps a good second flush of new flowers in a few weeks’ time
  • Divide bearded irises
  • After flag irises have finished flowering, they will benefit from a dressing of Epsom Salts.  This will encourage better blooms for next year
  • Layer and take cuttings of carnations and pinks
  • Plant autumn-flowering bulbs
  • Transplant seedlings of biennials sown earlier
  • The vegetable plot should be yielding all the results of previous hard work which is very rewarding.  If runner beans are dropping flowers, then a light misting with water will help them to set better. Consider growing sweet peas close to or alongside beans to encourage bees and pollinating insects. Keep small sowings of the salad crops going for a good continuity – radish, for instance, can be sown every week but don’t forget to keep it well watered to prevent the roots going ‘pithy’. During hot, dry weather lettuces may be prone to bolting so try adding some shade and keep them well watered.


  • Fill any gaps in beds and borders with bedding
  • Sow the last vegetables for harvesting in Autumn
  • Plant out all winter brassicas
  • If next Spring’s wallflowers have not been sown yet, don’t delay, otherwise it will be too late.


  • Make plans to ensure plants are cared for if you are taking your holiday
  • Order Spring-flowering bulbs

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