Composts and Soil Improvers

“To be a successful farmer one must first know the nature of the soil.” - Xenophon, Oeconomicus, 400 B.C.

Composts and Soil Improvers

Durstons Composts stocked at the Garden Shop Colyton

Our composts are supplied by Durston’s of Somerset. They are a family-owned business with over 150 years of experience, constantly evolving and developing which has lead to a reputation for quality and service. They adhere to best practice techniques in extraction of peat and their environmentally aware policy includes a comprehensive after-use restoration programme which creates areas of natural regeneration and habitat for wildlife. The peat-free multi-purpose compost is produced entirely from renewable sources for reduced environmental impact. Also the bags in which their products are packed are not made of laminated polythene, so are 100% recyclable.

Our range of composts include:

  • Durston’s multipurpose in 60, 40, 20 or 10 litre
  • 3-2-1 multipurpose in 20 litre
  • Ericaceous 35 litre
  • Durston’s grow bags, large or small
  • Durston’s peat free multipurpose compost
  • John Innes No 1, 2 and 3
  • Durston’s tree, shrub and rose compost

We also stock a variety of soil improvers and barks etc:

  • Screened top soil
  • Mushroom compost
  • Farmyard manure
  • 6X fertiliser
  • Bark chips
  • Composted bark
  • Coarse grit
  • Potting grit
  • Sharp sand
  • Silver sand

If you require smaller quantities than above, please ask and we will happily provide this for you.