The Garden Shop Colyton

Open daily from 9am-5pm; Sundays from 10am-4pm for all your garden essentials.


We draw a large proportion of our plants are grown in Devon and the Southwest by specialist nurseries and growers, using peat-free compost where possible.

Seeds & Bulbs

The Garden Shop has been stocking Franchi seeds for more than 8 years and the feedback is 100% positive – from the traditional allotment gardeners to celebrity chefs!


We carry all the standard composts you could want and more. Small or large quantities are available in a variety of prices. Organic, mushroom, peat-free horse manure.

The Barn

We do know a bit about garden tools and consider our selection as being fit for purpose and good value. Our range of tools is from Spear and Jackson.

Cards & Gifts

As well as a full range of cards we have a huge selection of beautiful and unusual gifts ranging from the practical to the frivolous. From small gifts to the rather more extravagant.

Pots & Containers

We carry an extensive range of Italian manufactured pots in a range of colours and styles as well as the standard terracotta, all guaranteed to be frost free to -20C.

Garden Care

We carry a wide choice of pest and weed control, fertilisers and treatments – including organic brands which are safe for use around children, pets, birds and wildlife.

Food and Feeders

Stocking a range of food for animals including fish food and bird seed. We also stock bird feeders and of course baffles and protection to put off the squirrels and other pests.