Community and Sustainability


We are passionate about the role we play in our local community and support as many activities and events as we can. An annual visit in April to the Memory Café for a demonstration, Leisure Lunch for the Church once a month, donations of all proceeds from the sale of carrier bags to Colyton Caterpillars, and a monthly editorial in the Coly Times are just a few.


Equally as important is trying to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling and reusing as much as possible. There is also a PlanetAid bin for recycling old clothes in our car park.

Sourcing Plants

Nealr 90%of the plants we sell have been sourced from the South West as opposed to European imports. That means plants travel fewer miles to reach us which in turn reduces their carbon footprint, ours and yours.

Fair Trade

The gifts in the gift shop are mostly sourced as fair trade.

Locally Sourced