Community and Sustainability

Supporting Our local community and the environment

Community & Sustainability

More than ever at the moment Community is important. We are working hard with our local community to help with essential supplies of farm fresh produce. We converted our cafe into the ‘Phoenix Farm Shop’ recently. The name came from the Phoenix rising from the ashes, as we closed the cafe due to COVID-19, the farm shop was born.

Farm Shop
Our produce includes:

A range of veggies, and fruit
Flour – incl gluten free
Soft drinks
Milk and oat milk- bring your own container please
Eggs – bring your own boxes
Ground coffee/tea bags
Bread- needs to be ordered the day before for following day
Anti bac soap – bring your own container to put it in.
If we haven’t got it please ask as may be able to get it (usually next day if in stock).
We also have veg plants  if you want to grow your own.

Payment over the phone or in person (pay by card only). Please be patient as we will be adhering to social distancing in the shop.
Call 012970551113 to order. We can deliver locally. 



Supporting Local Growers

You might like to know that 90% of our plants are grown within 20 miles of the Shop, so from an eco-friendly point of view we are actively trying to improve our environmental footprint. Recycling, particularly of plastic, is an issue high on most people’s agenda at the moment, and we are continually looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint. As members of the Horticultural Traders Association we take advantage of keeping up to date with sustainability matters, including one close to my heart, that of our current inability to recycle black plant pots. There is much research ongoing into replacing these pots so that they can be included in a kerbside collection by the council, and also moves to reduce the amount of peat used in planting media. We have already taken some steps along this route, with two of our suppliers using peat free media; our Durston’s compost is now packed in 100% recyclable bags together with our commitment to use local nurseries for our plants. We also return as many trays and pots as we can for re-use.

Supporting Local Art & Craft businesses
We have always tried to support local small art and craft businesses, and now showcase a wide range. From felt-craft to a glass maker, a book binder, potters, and hair accessories there is much to choose from for that totally original gift.