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September in the Garden

September seems to have sprung up on us really quickly this year. The schools are back, people are going back to the office and life is returning to some sort of normality. It’s still very different to this time last...

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August in the Garden

August has come upon us so quickly this year, and the seasons are running away with us. The warm weather earlier this year has pushed everything on and in between the occasional thunderstorms our gardens are quite dry....

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July in the Garden

July has had a mixed start with occasional bright sunny days, showing a glimpse of summer, in between heavy downpours, our gardens have welcomed the rain nonetheless as they are still fairly dry underneath the topsoil....

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June in the Garden

How did it get to be June already? … the time is running away with all of us at the moment and with everything changing so fast that’s not too surprising.  So, some children are back at school, the weather is good for...

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May in the Garden

May has finally arrived and it’s such a lovely month. We’re lucky to have had such super weather recently, which is a relief as lockdown has been really hard for many people. Without our regular doses of sunshine, it...

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