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November in the Garden

November can be a frustrating month weather-wise. Neither winter or autumn, cold, wet, and a good few weeks until Christmas. It kept its original name from the Latin novem meaning ‘nine’ which marked it the ninth month of the year in the Roman calendar.

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October in the Garden

October … the season of mellow fruitfulness! When I was a girly, we always had our Harvest Festival in October, and I can still remember attending marvellous services (some of the best hymns to sing and play), followed...

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September in the Garden

Lovely September is welcomed in with a bit of Indian Summer we hope! The weather has been a bit up and down lately (Devonians are famous for their understatement!), but I hope that everyone is now reaping the rewards...

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Things to do in September …

My goodness, the year bounds onwards towards Autumn and hopefully some of that lovely Indian Summer weather! We have certainly had our share of ‘weather’ this year … some of the coldest, wettest and hottest I can...

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